Pastoral Care - MCCK Wellbeing Framework

At Marian Catholic College we believe that students who are happy, confident, and able to establish meaningful relationships are better placed to achieve positive learning outcomes.

In line with our mission statement;
‘Marian Catholic College will constantly review its policies, practices and procedures to sustain its vitality and keep its mission alive.’
we have developed a framework for staff and student wellbeing at Marian Catholic College that promotes the building of positive relationships.
The core values of Respect, Responsibility and Integrity encompass what we believe is ‘Marian Quality’ and the lifelong values we want our students to live and work by. 


       Building respectful and caring relationships

       Respecting each other

       Respecting ourselves

       Respecting the environment

       Respecting our College community

       Respecting the learning of others


       Responsible for building positive relationships

       Responsible for our learning

       Responsible for our own behaviour

       Responsible for demonstrating Catholic values






       Showing honesty

       Showing decency and fairness

       Showing pride in our College, in oneself and in our learning

       Showing Catholic values

       Striving to achieve our personal best

The framework is intended to reflect and extend upon the College motto and Catholic values to “Walk with Christ”. It is designed in accordance with a positive approach to education, where the focus is squarely on acknowledging and rewarding positive behaviour. Management of behavioural issues will be approached from a restorative perspective, around the central focuses of respect, responsibility and integrity