Pastoral Care - Merit System

Marian Catholic College Merit System

The Merit System is designed to allow all students the opportunity to have their academic effort, positive attitude toward uniform, co-curricular commitment and good behaviour recognised as being an integral part of the Marian Catholic College community.

Students are given merit codes for their efforts, abilities and service.  Merit Codes are cumulative over a student’s entire time at Marian Catholic College. An accumulation of Merit Codes leads to achieving Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards. To strengthen identity and connection to houses, merit codes contribute to House Spirit points. 

The Merit System promotes a greater public recognition of the student’s positive contribution to Marian Quality and encompasses our core values of Respect, Responsibility and Integrity.







Merit Code

Merit Focus Areas



Merit for Academic Achievement



Outstanding achievement or improvement with a task or assignment; excellent results in a class test/assessment task.




Merit for Behaviour



Consistent outstanding behaviour or sustained effort to modify behaviour, e.g. through maintaining focus, speaking and listening politely, being punctual, including others in the group.



Merit for Class Work



Outstanding and/or consistent effort within class e.g. through contribution to group work and discussion, attentiveness, organisation of class materials, ability to work independently, consistent high standard of homework and classwork.



Merit for Service



Contribution to the life of the College and wider community e.g. through support of charities, involvement in social justice actions, contribution to school events such as Open Night, Marian Day, care and support for others, care of school environment, sustained involvement in co-curricular activities.



Merit for Uniform



Consistent wearing of the full school uniform according to the College Uniform Code.



Merit for Quality



Showing pride in our College and in oneself and contributing to Marian Quality.  For example – representing the College, demonstrating initiative, role modelling exemplary behaviours, striving for one’s personal best.


Receipt of 7 or more Gold Awards qualifies a student for a Marian Shield in special recognition for his/her efforts and achievements at the College. This Shield would be presented at the Year 12 Graduation Ceremony. The awarding of the Marian Shield is at the discretion of the Principal or delegate.