Pastoral Care - Student Leadership


The role of the members of the Student Leadership Team is to represent the students, staff and families of the Marian Catholic learning community by their witness to the College Mission Statement, College Motto, and Gospel values that underpin education at Marian College.

The Student Leadership team headed by the College Captains and SRC Presidents lead a team of house, event and SRC year representatives and exercise a shared leadership of service to the College community.  Together they work to build a strong and healthy community in which every student is accepted, valued and encouraged to be an engaged and active learner and where positive relationships are central to the shared experiences of the community.

They work closely with the College Senior Leadership, House Patrons and Year / KLA Leaders of Learning and College Staff in conjunction with the SRC, to build and strengthen all aspects of community life.

Leadership Structure:

The Leadership structure outlined below represents the maximum number of student leaders in a given year.  Essential criteria include the ability to lead their peers in an effective and positive manner whilst being a positive role model to students. Involvement in the school community, understanding and participation in service activities and a sense of school spirit are required qualities.


The primary role of the Student Representative Council (SRC) is to represent the views and concerns of the students at Marian Catholic College, and to advocate for them, in raising their views and concerns. The SRC aims to build a strong, healthy student community based on co-operation, positive relationships, and the College Mission Statement, Motto, and Gospel values.

The SRC is a leadership team focused on the learning, pastoral, health and spiritual issues of relevance to the life of the students at Marian Catholic College. The SRC Representatives are responsible for communication with the students in their Year Groups and their respective Year Leaders of Learning, especially through the discussion of issues at Year Meetings. The SRC Representatives work as a team under the leadership of the SRC Presidents, and report through them to the College Senior Leadership.  The SRC also works in conjunction with the College Captains, House / Year Leaders and Junior / Senior Event Leaders in promoting whole-school activities designed to build school spirit and strengthen relationships in the community.