Ipads - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a series of frequently asked questions. Please take the time to browse through as it might cover some of the questions you have been asking yourself. Please feel free to contact the College on 9654 6700, if you have any other questions.

Why should I get an iPad and not a laptop?
Marian College and the Catholic Education Office have spent considerable time testing the iPad in school situations. The iPad allows students to access the Internet and Email, create content (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations), access our Learning Management System (Edmodo), create movies, manipulate photos and much, much more. 
The iPad has a greater battery life (around 10 hours), than a Laptop therefore the battery will last the entire school day without the need for charging and weighs a lot less (around 700g compared to a laptop which weighs at least 2kg), reducing the weight of school bags.
The iPad does not require a boot up process and a log in process thus making it very quick for students to use in each class. It is instantly on so students can commence work much quicker.
The iBook application allows you to keep books and resources at your fingertips. Most textbooks already come with a PDF version of the book which you will be able to load onto your iPad. As we move to eBooks in the future (some titles are already available in the e-format), the iPad is a great tool for accessing and utilsing this technology.
iTunes University (iTunes U App) and the Apple App Store have thousands of resources and applications with more being developed each day.
In conclusion, Marian staff each have an iPad, we have had iPads in the Learning Resource Centre for 2 years, and recently in the iLearn Technology Centre, and all of the testing that has been completed has proven that the iPad will do all and more than is wanted both at school and home.
Do I need a case?
Marian College has stipulated that a string protective case be purchased. Not only will it help protect your iPad but it will help you identify your iPad. There are a large number of cases on the market.
What Internet Plan do I need at home?
It is very important to check what Internet plan you have at home.
Some plans charge you (per megabyte) if you go over your monthly allowance, others slow your connection speed if you go over your monthly limit.
The unlimited plans are the safest and best value. With these plans it does not matter how much Internet you use. You know how much you spend each month thus preventing bill shock when your monthly bill arrives and you have gone over your monthly download limit.
We strongly advise you check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) as to your current plan and what happens if you go over your monthly limit.
Students will be required to download applications at home. Some applications will be shared to the student’s iPad’s at school by iPad management software used by the CEO. 
Do I need wireless Internet at home?
The iPad is a wireless internet device. We have enhanced wireless coverage at school, however you may wish to consider wireless Internet for home.
If you already have wireless at home, the iPad easily connects to this.
If you do not have a wireless connection but have a wired Internet connection you can still access iTunes from your computer (PC or Mac). From your computer you can use iTunes to download the applications and sync them to your iPad.
Wireless routers are not expensive; you may wish to consider talking to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) about your options.
Marian College is not recommending students get an iPad with a 3G/4G (mobile phone) connection. Using Internet via the mobile phone network could prove to be very costly and does not offer the same filtering capabilities of the Marian College Network.
Why would I need to use eBooks?
There are advantages in having books, including text books, loaded to your ipad. By putting books onto the iPad you dramatically reduce the weight in your son/daughters schoolbag.
Students will always have access to textbooks and resources in their classes with the inclusion of ebooks. Students will also be able to annotate the eBooks for study etc.
Most importantly, the cost of eBooks will be less than the cost of current hard copy books.
Some traditional books will still play a big part of your child’s learning.
Will reading books off my iPad hurt my eyes?
Our staff has been using iPads for several months, and schools in Melbourne have been using iPads for several years and there have been no complaints about eye strain. 
It is important to give your eyes a rest between classes; there will also be rules which will prohibit the use of iPads in the school yard at recess and lunch.
The brightness on the iPad can be adjusted to your personal preference.
Will I use my iPad for all my school computing?
No. We will still have computers around the school, in Art, Music and TAS, in the LRC and the Technology Centre for use.
Some specialised programs, especially Art, Music and TAS will not work on an iPad (Applications such as Sibelius, Photoshop, CAD Software).We have banks of laptops in the library, technology centre and trolleys in classrooms that can be used for these tasks.