Ipads - BYOD Initiative - Years 7-12

From 2020, Marian Catholic College will be phasing in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative for Years 7 to 12. This means that students may use a Windows or Apple laptop, or an Apple iPad whilst at school, as a learning tool. The device will need to meet the specifications set out by the CEDP so that it is compatible to be connected to the CEDP wireless network.

Chromebooks, iPad Mini’s and phones will not be acceptable to use as a learning tool due to restrictions in running certain software applications, or the size of the device.

Students who currently have a working device, (iPad in Years 7 to 10 and laptop or iPad in Year 11), will not be required to purchase a new device, unless the family wishes to. If students in Years 7 to 10 have a laptop that they wish to bring to school, they may do so. Any new devices brought to school will need to meet the specifications of the CEDP network, as outlined on the next page.

All students already have access to the G Suite for Education, including unlimited Drive storage for Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc. Furthermore, they have access to Microsoft Office 365, and access to textbooks through an app or browser from our providers Jacaranda Plus and Education Perfect. This will still be available on any new device that they bring to school. However, in some rare cases, there may be a need to source an alternative if a particular application is not available on the new device.

If a device will be purchased, it may be purchased at any retail store of the family’s choice. There is no restriction placed on purchase location. CEDP have suppliers that devices can be purchased or financed from, at competitive prices and packages. These providers can be accessed through the CEDP BYOD Portal http://byod.parra.catholic.edu.au. If you need to register to access the providers, the Activation Code is ceobyod. Families wishing to purchase an Apple device are able to attend an Apple store and state that they are purchasing a device for a student attending a Parramatta Catholic School. The same pricing and range from the BYOD Portal will be applicable.

It is recommended that insurance is sought at the time of purchase, or through your own insurance company. Marian does not take responsibility for personal items and devices brought to school and will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage. Students need to be responsible for their devices and ensure its safety by encasing them in a protective case or sleeve, and storing them appropriately.

Once the student commences in 2020, any new devices will be enrolled into our management system which will provide the device access to WiFi services. Devices currently connected to the network will continue to have access to network resources. Technical Support will be available to assist with connection to the network. For issues with hardware faults or specialised software, external services may need to be sought and warranty claims made by the family.

The following page details specific requirements to enrol devices onto the CEDP network.