Ipads - 2017 iPad Purchase Options

1. Choose the type of iPad you wish your child to use

There are two choices of iPads suitable for student use as a digital tool to support their learning in 2017 as outlined below. It is important to consider the
advantages and disadvantages of the various iPads before making your choice.
iPad Air – 32gb or 64gb
 2013 model, Still available at some retailers as a run-out model
iPad Air 2 –  64gb or 128gb
 2014/5 model – available from MAC 1, Apple and most retailers
iPad Pro 9.7" –  64gb or 128gb
 2016 model – available from MAC 1, Apple and most retailers

Due to further advancements with e-textbook technology the students will be required to download more of these in the future. For 2017 Marian Catholic
College is recommending the purchase of a minimum 32gb iPad (or greater). This will allow for all e-textbooks, applications, student work and some
personal files to be loaded onto the iPad.
2. Choose the iPad purchase option you wish to use
Purchase from the Online Apple Store, MAC 1, Retail Stores or a pre-owned device.
Regardless of the purchase option you choose, each student will need:
 an iPad (32Gb, 64Gb, 128Gb) (Marian Catholic College recommends 32Gb or above)
 an iPad with camera
 a Strong Protective Cover
Highly recommended:
 Apple Care Plus Protection Plan (2 year extended hardware warranty and 2 Insurance claims)
 Insurance coverage for the iPad


Parents purchasing through either of the MAC1 options automatically get the extended two year hardware warranty. If an iPad is purchased through a retail store, you may be able to purchase this Apple Care Plus extended warranty for an additional cost. You will need to ask the retailer.
The Apple Care Plus Protection Plan provides repair or replacement coverage, both parts and labour, and includes the following services: the iPad, iPad battery, USB cable,
and power adaptor. It also includes telephone software support. New in 2015 Apple Care Plus offers the 2 year hardware warranty as outlined above as well as 2 screen
replacements for incidental damage at a cost of $65 per screen replacement. Apple will not cover catastrophic damage. These claims are to take place at an Apple Store.
Although the school cannot mandate insurance for the iPad, parents need to realise that the school insurance will not cover the iPad for theft, loss or damage. Given the
robust nature of the school environment, insurance coverage would be very wise. Check first with your current house and contents insurance policy to see if the iPad is
already covered for theft, loss or damage. This is best done by reading your policy and confirming the coverage with your insurance provider. If the policy does not cover
the iPad, then you may be able to increase your current premium to insure the iPad.
Parents who purchase through the MAC1 package and pay in full at the time of purchase have the option for an extra fee of insurance cover through MAC1 with Protecsure.
Parents who purchase through the MAC1 package and take advantage of smaller payments over two years do not have an insurance option. Part of the financial package is
mandatory insurance with MAC1 Protecsure.

What about the iPad mini/ iPad Pro?

The iPad mini is not suitable for prolonged use at school. The iPad Pro 12.9" is an expensive item and is not recommended for use at school.




3G – implications for your phone account!
All iPads come with optional 3G capacity. This is not essential at school as students will be required to use the school Internet connection. If you do purchase an iPad with
3G capabilities you will require a SIM card with mobile data plan. This will come at an additional cost. Parents do need to realise that if students use the 3G capacity to
download movies, music, videos etc it will be very expensive.
iTunes Gift Card
Don’t purchase an iTunes card for school use at the moment. The Apple Volume Purchase Program for Education allows The College to bulk purchase many of the
applications (apps) at half of the normal price for the students. Once bulk purchased the school will download the apps onto each student’s iPad. The app will become the
property of the student not the school. The cost to parents will be much less this way.
Strong protective cover
There are many different types of iPad covers on the market. Some are more robust and usable than others. An Internet search will reveal the variety of cover options
available on the market. Our advice is to purchase either the Otterbox Defender Case or the Griffin Survivor Case or Lifeproof Case as these covers are extremely robust and
appear to be surviving the test of time. These can be purchased from Mac 1, The Apple Store or Retailers.