Enrolment - 1:1 iPad Program

Marian Catholic College encourages students to be independent learners who are able to work in a flexible environment that is inquiry-driven, thought provoking, reflective, and empowering. A learning environment not bound by location, socio-economics or ability. As a learning community, it is important to facilitate and encourage creativity, communication, flexibility, critical thinking, and collaboration throughout the teaching and learning activities at the College. This involves redefining and expanding learning opportunities beyond the traditional constraints of classroom walls and timetabled lessons to formal and informal learning experiences responsive to student needs, interests, and availability in an online environment.  

The 1:1 iPad program is a way to transform learning and teaching to meet the needs of the 21st Century. The purpose in embracing these changes is to work collaboratively as a learning community of students, parents and teachers to ensure the educational opportunity provided by Marian Catholic College for its students is rich, relevant and appropriate for the students and to create a learning environment that raises the level of expectation for student performance and teacher innovation. 

The Strategic Intent of the Parramatta Diocesan system of schools, of which Marian Catholic College is a part, is twofold: to improve the learning outcomes for all students and to promote a professional and rewarding life for all teachers. The introduction of iPads for all teachers and students at Marian Catholic College aligns with this Strategic Intent. The iPad provides all members of the College learning community, students and staff, with the opportunity to engage in personalised, rich learning opportunities in ways previously thought impossible.

Embracing digital technology in education is essential if the College is to remain culturally relevant for students and teachers. Students become the controllers of their own learning thus improving student participation, engagement, achievement and learning outcomes. The engagement of students having their own personal iPad changes not only the learning environment from traditional to personal, but enhances the relational contact between students and their teacher. The teacher will no longer be the source of knowledge but the director and guide of student learning.