Curriculum - LRC

LRC Mission statement The purpose of the Marian College Learning Resource Centre is to be an efficient and effective educational resource for the whole school community and to enhance and enrich teaching and learning activities and outcomes. It is a reference and recreational centre, providing a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere so that users will be encouraged to make use of all facilities, and assist in the development of skill, competencies and attitudes necessary to become lifelong learners.

The Learning Resource Centre at Marian has an extensive collection of texts and electronic resources. The virtual library gives access to an electronic bookshelf and database access for students and staff.

The Learning Resource Centre offers many services for students including printing and photocopying and access to laptops and the school network. Our aim is to provide this service by being open before and after school, at recess and at lunchtimes. We promote reading by encouraging participation in the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

Steph’s Study is the senior study area housed in the Learning Resource Centre open for student in Years 11 and 12 for study during class time. This space is dedicated to the late Stephanie Bruce, a student at the school who lost her life after a battle with cancer. Her love of life and learning inspires our senior students to strive to live every day to its fullest and get the most from life’s opportunities.

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