Curriculum - Religious Education

Religious Education is at the core of all Marian Catholic College activities. Marian Catholic College is first and foremost, a Catholic learning community that plays an active role in the mission of the Catholic Church.  The beliefs, values and traditions of the Catholic Church are taught, fostered and lived in both the formal Religious Education curriculum and the daily life and experiences of the students, staff, parents and priests of our community.

Marian Catholic College is committed to developing a faith community based on the love of God and the person and values of Jesus Christ. Whatever the subject, topic, activity or interaction, we believe that there is always a place for the values and beliefs of our faith tradition. The central elements of this faith are lived out on a daily basis in our relationships with other members of our family, school and wider community.

Marian Catholic College strives to present Religious Education that is authentic, relevant and challenging. Religious Education and its expression is integrated into the daily life of the school community in a variety of ways including:

 ·         Spirituality days and Retreats

·         A Social Justice focus

·         Liturgies and Daily prayer

·         Vinnies Van

·         A Prayer Room 

·         The opportunity to celebrate the Eucharist and Reconciliation

·         Daily Angelus prayer