Community - Parish Stewardship Program





Stewardship a way of living

What does it all mean?

·          It is an easy way to remember the Stewardship way of living

·       Going to Mass and receiving the Sacraments- prayer and worship nourishes us

·       Growing in faith and growing the parish through participation and service

·       Giving generously out of love and in justice- today it is our turn

·       Remembering that we are simply custodians-stewards-of all

·       Returning our gifts in thanksgiving to God, the Giver of all

The Challenge

Often we see ourselves as “self-made”. Many of us take great pride in being “self-made”. And yet if we think about it for even a second we realise the foolishness of such a claim. Our very lives are our first gift, from God and from our parents who gave us life. They then nourished us through childhood and educated us. We recognise health and happiness as gifts too and give thanks for our skills and abilities- all God-given too. Most of us, when we use our Time (life itself) and our Talents (skills and abilities), generate Treasure (money and assets). So, if our Time and Talents are gifts from God, surely our Treasure is His gift too.

During our Stewardship Program, therefore, we will try to look at how we live our lives and how we spend our money as well as looking at the practical needs of the parish. It is an opportunity to examine our lives and our involvements in prayer, in ministry and in giving. Hopefully it will be a rewarding time, for each of us as we take time to review our priorities, and for the Parish as it prepares for the next few years of service to parishioners.

Thank you for being here tonight, your leadership will make a big difference. Specifically we ask you to be an active advocate for the Program, to advertise it widely and to lead a small team of visitors during the visitation phase of the Program. We trust that your involvement will be rewarding to you as you help to build the Body of Christ here at St Madeleine Sophie Barat Parish, Kenthurst. 

Download attached document for CALENDAR OF DATES AND EVENTS.