Community - Parent Education Network

The purpose of the Marian Catholic College Parent Education Network (P.E.N.) is to offer a forum in which to foster a partnership of students, parents and staff to support the learning that happens within our Catholic community.

All parents and guardians of our students are members of P.E.N. and are encouraged to attend our meetings and become active participants in our forum, held once each term. 

The focus of P.E.N. is to invite parents, students, teachers and the greater Marian community into a conversation about significant issues facing us all.  There is a specific emphasis on showcasing the learning and teaching that occurs daily across the College.

Through our forum, we offer interactive, hands on learning experiences and presentations that support parents to confidently engage with their children about their achievements and challenges.

P.E.N. also makes a significant financial contribution to the provision of ediucational resources and campus improvements that directly benefit all students.

Please direct all enquiries through the College office.