Co-Curricular - Gifted & Talented

At Marian Catholic College there are a variety of opportunities available for students who are gifted and talented. The needs and abilities of talented students are nurtured through the provision of challenging work and activities within the classroom.

Additionally, involvement in competitions is one avenue where those students who are talented in specific subjects are able to develop their potential.

Opportunities exist within all KLA ‘s to participate in areas of excellence, as and when identified.

Examples of some of the different opportunities for Gifted and Talented students are below:





  • Year 10 accelerated program of study
  • Digital media  competition
  • UNSW Maths challenge
  • ICAS Mathematics
  • Write a Book in a Day
  • Writing competitions
  • Drama Performances with workshops
  • ICAS English
  • ICAS Science
  • National Chemistry Competition
  • Science Olympiads
  • Brain Bee Challenge
  • Titration Competition
  • Simpson Prize
  • National History Challenge
  • Money Stuff
  • EBE Business  Studies and  Economics  competitions