Co-Curricular - MCCAF

Marian Catholic College Creative Arts Festival is held each year at a suitable venue. Many families in the College attend MCCAF which is a showcase where they can experience the incredible talents of the Marian student and staff community. It is an absolutely fantastic evening filled with admiration for the young people of Marian Catholic College. It showcases the diverse talents of our students across a range of subjects. 

The evening commences with welcome drinks and canapés inside the venue. The food and drinks are prepared and served by the senior Hospitality and Food Technology classes. Patrons are able to view student Visual Art work and the creative efforts of the students in the TAS Faculty – Design and Technology and Industrial Technology. The displays will also include the major works of the HSC students for their examinations. Later, the Performing Arts students take over in the Theatre. They present performances from Dance, Drama and Music students across the College and the Hospitality students cater for the audience during the interval. Each year the students are very excited about MCCAF and are proud of their efforts.

Additionally, at the commencement of the evening and during intervals, works by students studying Visual Arts, Design & Technology, Agriculture and Industrial Technology (Timber) are displayed. Many of the displays include HSC major works. The Performing Arts students present items of music, drama and dance for an appreciative audience. MCCAF brings together the wider Marian Community to celebrate the talents and achievements of our students.